Workout Descriptions


What it is:

Sculpt provides dual cardiovascular and toning workouts.  It is a good class for people of all skill levels, as things are easily modifiable and the class generally follows a logical order.

Why I love it:

Sculpt is very comprehensive. It offers a lot of variety, and is excellent for toning. It’s really my “go to” workout.


What it is:

Bootcamp is similar to sculpt in that it incorporates all muscle groups in addition to cardio. Typically, bootcamp will alternate intervals of intense cardio and plyometrics with muscle toning. This keeps the heart rate up for the entire class. It’s very intense, and probably better for those at intermediate or advanced fitness levels. Beginners may require more modification.

Why I love it:

Because it’s intense! You literally sweat the whole time. And then you feel amazing for the rest of the day.


What it is:

Pump is a class that focuses exclusively on toning, and specifically on heavy weight lifting. Most pump classes will use barbells, but free weights can be used in it’s place if needed. Pump is geared more towards using heavier weights, which may be at the expense of less repetitions.

Why I love it:

I like pump because it adds variation. I don’t do it very often, but it is good to push yourself and exhaust your muscles. Pump is about pushing yourself to the max, and less about endurance.


What it is:

Kickboxing is a fully choreographed cardiovascular workout involving punches and kicks. If done correctly, kickboxing also tones all muscle groups. To up the challenge, kickboxing can also be done with weights.

Why I love it:

Kickboxing is the most effective workout you can do without equipment. It can be done anywhere, for any length of time, and still be beneficial. It is definitely my favorite workout to do, as you sweat, get sore, and can also release pent up aggression.

Core Fusion

What it is:

Core Fusion incorporates principles of Pilates and yoga for a workout that focuses on using the core. When I teach it, I also use ideas from the bar method. Core fusion works all muscle groups, and combines challenging movements with stretching to create long, lean, and toned muscles. It is a mat based class.

Why I love it:

What could be better than long, lean, and toned? You burn calories, work small muscles you never even knew you had, and  also increase flexibility and balance.


What it is:

Yoga is about meditation and loosening the muscles. It is a very mental form of physical activity, and incorporates spiritual guidance throughout the practice. Some yoga classes can be very intense (like power/vinyasa yoga), and others can be enormously relaxing (like yoga Nidra).

Why I love it:

It helps me slow down. I tend to get very caught up in the high pace of daily life, and yoga helps me take a step back and really focus inward. It also does wonders for my flexibility and improves the pain and stress I carry in my lower back.


2 thoughts on “Workout Descriptions

  1. I have lost 35 lbs but am still overweight. I seem to have plateaued. I’m beginning to introduce workouts into my daily routine and was wondering where I should start. I have 2 small children so working out at home is ideal. Thank you for having such a wonderful site without it having membership fees. Sure, I’d be willing to pay. But not until I’ve proven to myself that I’m going to stick with it. (I haven’t ever before) I work to hard for my money to waste it. 🙂 But I think I’m finally ready to make a life long change. Any help you offer is greatly appreciated 🙂

    • Hi Jessica,
      Well it’s good that you are trying to stick with it! A 35 pound weight loss is still very impressive and you should be proud of that accomplishment!!
      The main thing for you will be to start with something manageable. And that will be up to you to decide. Do you have to do something everyday in order to stay regimented? Or can you start with every other day? This will be the first step in determining how you can hold yourself accountable. The next step is time. If you choose every day rather than every other, maybe you can start with one 10 minute video per day…or two. If it’s every other day maybe 3 or so videos. But the important thing is that it shouldn’t feel daunting or overwhelming (and yes, even 10 minutes counts!). Running around with your kids can also add in some extra cardio without feeling like you are working out per se.

      Then it’s just a matter of switching up your workouts. You don’t want to do the same exact exercises everyday because your body will get used to it, and it will become less effective. So if you’ve done abs one day, maybe do legs the next. Or do some abs and some legs and then completely different abs and different legs the next time. Does that make sense?

      The most important thing if your ultimate goal is weight loss is to change diet. I’m a strong believer in the low carb route, but you’ll ultimately have to find what works for you. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with!

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