Fitness music is so important to the pacing and energy of the class.  I always use music that is 32 beats per minute, because I find it to be the best happy medium- people are able to follow the exercises, and not get frustrated that things are moving too quickly. Here are some of my favorite sites for group fitness music.


Powermusic has a variety of great CDs. You can either download them instantly or have a CD mailed to you. They have everything from pop to country to mash-ups. Another instructor introduced me to their Classic rock hits remix, which is awesome (thanks, Johnny!).  They have a rewards program that puts money towards your next purchase based on the amount you spend.


This is my new favorite site. Here, you can create your own tracks of all the songs you choose, and you can modify the BPM’s! It automatically programs in transitions for your music so there is no lag time between songs. It ends up being a couple dollars more than purchasing a premade CD (for the same length of time) but totally worth it.  It’s my way of keeping music up to date with what’s currently “in.” They also have a rewards program that gives you discounts for each purchase. On my $25.00 purchase, I earned $2.00 towards my next CD! This site is instant download only.


Yes fitness is the original site I purchased from. I especially like their season Buzz year. So, for example, Fall Buzz 2010, is a great track list. I also have Summer Buzz 2011. This site, like the two above, also have a rewards program, but they use points rather than dollars, and you have to wait until you’ve reached a certain number of points to get a free CD. With Yes Fitness you can also download your purchase directly or have a CD mailed (at an additional cost).


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