Tone and Tighten from the Waist Down
Glutes (Getting junk in the trunk) / Legs (screw cellulite)

Tone and Tighten from the Waist Down

Today’s workout incorporates the┬ástability ball. I tried to come up with some new/creative ways to use it that aren’t shown in typical charts and stability ball guides. What I ended with involves a lot of balance! This workout is good for glutes, thighs, and abs ­čÖé I also found a great stability ball chart in … Continue reading

Glutes (Getting junk in the trunk) / Health (things to know)

The Importance of YOUR happiness and bonus Glutes

I’ve been spending some time thinking about what my blog is missing; what are some important things related to health and fitness that I haven’t yet touched on. Admittedly, there are many, but I put thought into the things that I feel knowledgable enough to write about. I realized this morning exactly what this was: … Continue reading

Abs (Pooch be gone) / Arms (ByeBye Batwings) / Glutes (Getting junk in the trunk)

Battling the Bosu

Happy December everyone! It’s crazy how fast time flies. I finally got around to putting together my Bosu video. I filmed this one at LA Fitness in Bellevue over the summer, and thus didn’t have the room to myself ┬á(hopefully you don’t mind people doing their thing in the background- just ignore them). This video … Continue reading

Arms (ByeBye Batwings) / Glutes (Getting junk in the trunk) / Videos (Workout with me)

Glutes & Guns

Multitasking. It’s something I’m good at in general, but especially when it comes to exercise. As evident from many of my previous videos, I don’t frequently work just one muscle group. These days, everyone is too busy to spend several hours in the gym working every group carefully and meticulously. With my workouts, you can … Continue reading