Core Balance
Abs (Pooch be gone)

Core Balance

This weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) Regional Conference in Albany. The conference was geared towards first and second year female medical students, with an emphasis on “Empowering Future Leaders in Medicine.” And I’d definitely say I left feeling empowered! It was so wonderful to hear the personal … Continue reading

Abs (Pooch be gone) / Obliques (No more muffin top) / Videos (Workout with me)

Standing Abs Two

It’s here!! Standing Abs Two. I’ve had some requests for another standing abs video so I’m happy to oblige. I really love your feedback, ideas, and requests, so keep them coming! This workout may seem relatively easy. If so, then you should do the entire thing with light weights in your hands. I didn’t have … Continue reading

Abs (Pooch be gone) / Arms (ByeBye Batwings) / Glutes (Getting junk in the trunk)

Battling the Bosu

Happy December everyone! It’s crazy how fast time flies. I finally got around to putting together my Bosu video. I filmed this one at LA Fitness in Bellevue over the summer, and thus didn’t have the room to myself  (hopefully you don’t mind people doing their thing in the background- just ignore them). This video … Continue reading

Abs (Pooch be gone) / Videos (Workout with me)

Gliding Planks (Cardio Abs)

Today’s workout was a BIG hit back when I introduced it to my classes in Shrewsbury (shout out to anyone from Powerhouse still reading my blog! Miss you guys!). When I discovered it, I definitely also thought it was genius. Using the gliders introduces a new/unfamiliar challenge that I’d never quite encountered before; it provides … Continue reading