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I have to be honest with you; I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately. It seems like the less busy I am, the more lethargic I get and the less productive. It truly amazes me how that works! When I’m insanely busy I actually feel better about everything else in my life. Does that happen to anyone else?

This month has been really slow for me. I’ve been at home a lot and wake up most mornings feeling even more tired. But usually when this kind of thing happens to me it just means I need to find something new for inspiration. Something to get excited about and feel proud of. And of course it’s in my nature to find the solution in food and fitness. When I feel good on the inside it really translates to everything on the outside!

My idea was simple. I perused Pinterest for Paleo recipes. I know there is a lot of judgment and scoffing that happens when this word is brought up…”clean eating!” “low carb!” and “my diet is so much better than yours.” But I’ve always been a proponent of eating the things you want to eat that will make you happy and feel positive. I happen to really enjoy paleo recipes, so that’s what I’m going with.

I actually found two recipes that I made last night which were phenomenal and really hit the spot.

The first is this curried cashew broccoli salad. I bought a $5 rotisserie chicken to chop up and add to this, doubled the recipe and had plenty for dinner and lunch the next day (if I didn’t live with a man I’d have food for myself for the week haha).

I also made this creamy avocado and spinach pasta. I used gluten free quinoa pasta and added some Trader Joes lemon pepper. It was so tasty and filling!

I’ve slowly been collecting recipes I like on Pinterest, but am in the market for new inspiration.

Despite my rut, I have been consistently bringing my workout game. I’m still teaching fitness classes Wednesday nights, and it looks like I may be adding in Tuesday night Pilates as well! I just love teaching, motivating others, and motivating myself. Everything about it is positive, happy, and encouraging. The nights I’m not teaching I try to make it to a morning bootcamp or TRX class. Everyone at my gym is so friendly and it makes working out fun.

pura vida


I’ve been using a lot of my free time to work on wedding planning. As much as I may complain about the logistics of it, I actually miss it on the weekends we don’t do anything wedding related. It’s kind of weird. I really enjoy thinking about the decorative aspects- what the room will look like and the overall feel. I have a little less fun searching for and selecting all of the major vendors. How anyone plans a wedding in less than a year is beyond me! But we finally have our wedding website up 🙂 All the credit for this goes to my wonderful fiance, Ted. (If you missed our engagement story, you can read about it here).

In addition to our own wedding, we’ve had so much fun traveling and looking forward to the weddings of some very good friends! We were in Cincinnati about a week ago for the wedding of a close friend Ted went to law school with, Sasha. She looked gorgeous and you could just tell how much she was enjoying every second of the weekend. Her happiness was infectious!



So the moral of the story is that I’m trying to fill my days with positive and productive things! How about you? What helps you get out of a rut?


10 thoughts on “Food, Fitness, Weddings

  1. Thanks for sharing these great recipes… as I sit here, refueling after a TRX class with some cashew butter smeared on an apple, I’m adding broccoli to my grocery list!

    I also appreciate the reminder that we all need to find new inspiration to keep us happy and productive. Lately, when I have a free minute or just don’t know what to tackle next, I download a new podcast and walk. 45-60 mins later, I have another 8000 steps on my Fitbit and have learned something new. Atul Gawande is in heavy rotation, and if you haven’t already listened to or watched Being Mortal, I recommend it!

  2. First let me say congrats! It’s my first time on the blog so I’m just learning about the engagement etc. Very excited for you! I never had a wedding, but both my sisters have and I know they had a great time at theirs. I hope yours is more magical than you can imagine 🙂
    Sometimes I get into a rut too. It’s hard to shake the bad mood and low motivation. I have a few “go to” friends that manage to cheer me up regardless of what’s causing those feelings. But when I can’t reach them I lose myself in a marathon of my favorite shows on hulu or netflix. Surprisingly sometimes just a day of binge watching shows pulls me out of the rut.
    And other times it requires a glass of wine 😉

    • Thank you for stopping by! Friends are definitely always a great way to go. Anddd I’ve been binge watching Netflix like crazy recently- so I think I’ll just enjoy that for what it is for now, because soon enough I’ll never have time to do it!

  3. I so agree. Busy people do get more done. The more you give the more you get, just like energy! Great recipe ideas. Too bad cashews would put my oldest son in the hospital. Good luck with the wedding planning! Such an exciting time!

  4. OMG best line ever from the wedding website:

    “When she finds the time she enjoys cooking healthy meals in order to keep her fiancé from becoming a fat.”


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