Medical School

AAO Convocation Conference

This past weekend I was lucky enough to attend the American Academy of Osteopathy (AAO) annual convocation conference in Louisville, Kentucky. There were several hundred osteopathic students from all over the country in attendance, and the week was filled with hands on workshops led by the top osteopathic physicians in the US. I’m so inspired when I attend medical conferences, and they always have a way of reassuring me that I chose the right profession. I can’t wait to use the new techniques I learned! (Sorry for nerding out, and thank you for indulging me).

(If you’re not sure about what osteopathy is, you can read about it here).

I presented research looking at risk factors for neck pain among medical students. It was a study started by another student last year that I then took and transformed into a poster. This was my first time as both first author and presenter!

The final product!

The final product!

There were 10 posters from my school alone and 31 total at the conference. Three people placed in two of our categories: case study and medical education. They made our school proud!

All 10 presenters from NYIT-COM!

All 10 presenters from NYIT-COM!

I also got an introduction to Acupuncture. I placed a needle by myself! Both frightening and awesome. I really don’t know very much about most types of alternative medicine, so it was really interesting to gain an appreciation for a philosophy that is new to me.

Scholars group

Our “family photo” of those who went to the conference

I spent most of the weekend with my colleagues, who are all spending this year teaching and doing research. We took advantage of being in a new city, and spent our evenings exploring Louisville restaurants and nightlife.

Out on the town

Out on the town

Our last night we went to a dueling piano bar, and spent pretty much the entire time dancing 🙂

Courtesy ridiculous dance shot

Courtesy ridiculous dance shot

All in all it was a great 5 days! I’m already trying to come up with excuses to go next year…

Are there any alternative medicine options you particularly like? Any you think I should learn more about? I’m interested! Feel free to send me links if you have them.






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