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Follow through New Year’s Resolutions with Target® C9

With the turn of every New Year people always talk about their resolutions. Inevitably, many of these resolutions tend to be fitness related- lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier blah blah blah. Am I right?

One thing you might not know (or maybe you do, because it’s not technically new) is that the broader and more generalized resolutions (see above) are much less likely to be accomplished. If you say, “I want to exercise more,” then you have no clear means of doing so with no clear vision of a particular goal. Instead, you can say, “I want to go for a short run at least twice per week.” Now you have a specific goal and a means of achieving it. You give yourself a timeline.

It’s also important that whatever goals you set for yourself be realistic. Short runs twice per week are very different from running 10 miles twice per week. You need to be honest with yourself about what you can achieve based on your starting point. This is something only you can decide.

Are you wondering yet what my new years resolution is? Spoiler alert: I’m going to tell you anyway 😉

Despite being a very active person, I’ve never had good flexibility. Hamstring stretches are a struggle, and I almost always steer clear of inner thigh stretching because it’s something my muscles reject almost instantly; the slightest pull has them screaming at me for days. It’s actually kinda embarrassing when we get to the end of a fitness class and the truth about my inflexibility comes out. I judge myself so.hard.

I always strive to look this graceful

SO, this is my year to try and help my pathetic flexibility situation! And I’ve decided that Target® C9 fitness apparel is the perfect outlet to help me.

My resolution obviously can’t be “improve flexibility,” because as I mentioned at the beginning of this post that is destined for failure. Instead, my revision to that statement is this: Do yoga at least twice per month for the entire year. Ideally, I could shoot for once per week, but I wanted my goal to be realistic as well and between travelling, a new schedule, and planning a wedding, I didn’t want to overextend myself (see what I did there?!). Yoga classes close by are 90 minutes each.

My local Yoga Studio- it may look small, but it can fit up to 36 people on mats!

Anyhow, yoga is very focused on flexibility and strength. So I obviously needed new fitness apparel that is comfortable, breathable, and moveable. Target® C9 brand fit the bill! They have so many cute items it was difficult not to completely splurge. One of the biggest benefits to their line is how affordable they are. Good fitness apparel is so expensive these days, and the Target® C9 brand keeps costs low and quality high.


Doing Yoga in my new Target® C9 items!


Here’s what I decided to purchase:

C9 by Champion® Women’s Cowl Neck Layered Tank

I selected the military blue color because I really liked that the under layer had a striped pattern on it. I have to say, it’s very comfortable! The sports bra underneath fit perfectly- not too snug and easy to move in. I love the cowl draping under the neckline and think the sleeves are very flattering (no awkward underarm flab pouring out of the sides). It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but the fabric is mesh- which makes it light and breathable too!

The only thing I didn’t like about this top was the way the draping of the shirt hit my hips. It felt a little baggy and long, and didn’t do much for my shape.

C9 by Champion® Women’s Premium Must Have Capri Legging

I loved the interesting pattern/color change at the top and bottom. I was looking for a pair of workout pants that were unique but still flattering and felt these were perfect!

These fit SO well! They are both comfortable and figure flattering. Another thing that I don’t take for granted is their length. Sometimes capris can be this in-between-length: either a little too short or too long. These capris hit my calf in just the right place. I also love the gray accents on the top and bottom; they make me feel trendy J

The one thing I will say is that these do slide down a little on the hips as you move around. They don’t fall off or anything but they dip a little below love handle zone. This isn’t a problem once you sweat enough though!

C9 by Champion® Twist Headband

These were so cute, and also had a buy one-get-one 50% off deal….so I obviously bought two! I love the purple color and the striped pattern and purchased one of each. I have no complaints about these- they are perfect! I’d even wear them with casual outfits because they are just adorable! They stay on my head pretty snuggly so I don’t have a concern about losing them during a workout.

Here’s what they look like when I’m not doing Yoga 😉

New target apparel

This post was sponsored by Target® through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Target® C9, all opinions are my own.


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