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Take aways from Surgery and a few extra goodies

Can you believe I’m already done with surgery?! Okay, maybe you can. But I can’t. If you’d asked me 10 weeks ago what I’d thought about going through surgery my response would’ve been different from what I’d say now. A little perspective makes all the difference! I ended up loving my surgery rotation, and am so grateful for the opportunities I had.

I realized throughout this rotation that one of the key elements of enjoying what you do depends on who you’re with. Getting through stress and lack of sleep is much more tolerable when you’re surrounded by great people. I was fortunate enough to work with charismatic residents, laid back attendings, and one of my closest friends from medical school (hi Jack!).

Humor can be the best medicine sometimes.

Humor can be the best medicine sometimes.

I also had the time to get to know and care for my patients. Between note writing, following up on labs, and assisting in surgery I felt like a valuable member of the medical team. Surgery reinforced my decision to go into medicine!

My first ever suture job!! It's dirty because this patient had fallen on a sidewalk. It's a running stitch, so it's similar to sewing.

My first ever suture job in the ER!! It’s dirty because this patient had fallen on a sidewalk. It’s a running stitch, so it’s tied only at the top and bottom. I improved so much since this one!

A surgeon’s job is immediately gratifying. Recovery aside, you’re able to instantly solve a medical problem. It’s very visual and also technical. What I missed, however, were the aspects of preventative care. With the exception of short-term follow-up, surgical patients are rarely seen routinely beyond the surgery at that time. There is more of a focus on the immediate problem rather then an emphasis on holistic care. Which isn’t to say it can’t be done! It’s just a bit more difficult in this field.


I’ve had some downtime for the past few days and took the opportunity to search for more YouTube workouts. I’m always looking for new exercises because I can’t help but get bored with my old ones! Here are a few that I thought were both creative and had me so sore the next day! Feel free to share some of your favorites in the comments below.

This one was great for cardio but gave a little bit too much downtime. I added in some extra moves in between the circuits:

This video felt a little bit easier but the moves were creative and included exercises I’d never done before.

Blogilates has great ab videos. I find her commentary a bit irritating but once I have the instruction down I just mute her and play my own music. I also fast-forward to the beginning of the work out which doesn’t usually start until two minutes in.

Any particular workouts you’re loving right now? I’d love some new suggestions!


2 thoughts on “Take aways from Surgery and a few extra goodies

  1. I teach a 15 minute ab/core session after one of my spin classes and decided to pull out the glider disks a few weeks ago. I was sore for 5 days! If you don’t have the disks, you can use towels on a wood floor or paper plates on carpet. We did lots from a plank position: gliding hands in and out and forward and back, gliding feet in and out and forward and back. Mountain climbers using disks. Lots of fun stuff that was a great core workout!

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