Glutes (Getting junk in the trunk)

New Moves for the Gym

Last week I ended up back in Astoria to have lunch with my brother, and took the opportunity to go back to my old gym and do some of my own workouts. It’s been SO long!! It felt nice to be back in my familiar cozy little fitness classroom, complete with all the workout equipment I could possibly need.

Usually when it’s been a while, I feel motivated to come up with new and creative exercise ideas. This time was no exception! I completed several circuits, but had two moves I thought were worth sharing with all of you. My inner thighs and arms were so sore the next day 🙂

1) What you’ll need: stability ball and medicine ball (mine was 10 pounds)

– Sit on the stability ball with your knees in line with your hips, and feet in line with your knees at 90 degrees. Hold the medicine ball between both hands, with elbows wide and in line with your shoulders. Press in on the medicine ball with both hands contracting your pectoral muscles and hold through the exercise. Slowly, keeping your knees bent, lift your butt off of the stability ball leaning forward slightly, but make sure your knees don’t pass your toes. You stay lifted about 3 seconds and then sit back down. Note: your butt is just barely off the ball, so that it doesn’t roll away from you. Continue the lift and lower movement and keep the medicine ball squeezed between your hands.


Note: my elbows are NOT in line with my shoulders only because I couldn’t get a good enough picture at the same time. So the form isn’t quite correct but you can get the idea

Targets: Glutes, Thighs, Chest, Balance

2) What you’ll need: A Pilates ring and two light-medium hand weights (mine were 5 pounds, but I probably could should have done 10)

– Place the pilates ring in between your thighs, like this:
– Lay on your back with your knees bent and the ring between them. Take your hand weights and hold them above your shoulders and chest like the picture below. Lift your butt off the floor so that you’re in a modified bridge pose and squeeze your glutes. Keeping your butt lifted, do 2 count pec flies with your weights (2 counts arms out and down, 2 counts arms in and up).

Sorry about the blurriness! It turns out to be very difficult to take a picture of myself while doing these exercises

Sorry about the blurriness! It turns out to be very difficult to take a picture of myself while doing these exercises

Targets: Glutes, Thighs, Chest

I probably did each of these for about 2 minutes, 3 times. I used them with some ab and cardio moves for a circuit of 4. It was the perfect challenge for a Sunday!

In other news, I got my official time from my Turkey Trot: 46 minutes and 5 seconds!! That means 9 minute and 13 second miles! I have NEVER run that fast. Although I’m really into fitness, I never paid much attention to running for time, but I’m so proud of myself!

Dad and I at the finish line!

Dad and I at the finish line!

There were over 3000 people!

There were over 3000 people! The guys in front all run the 5 mile in 25 minutes…Definitely motivated me to book it.

On black Friday I went wedding dress shopping with my mom, sister, and one of my bridesmaids, Rosie. The plan was to go to three different salons, but I ended up finding an amazing dress at Kleinfeld and cancelled my last appointment! It was kind of unexpected, because ordinarily I’d take my time and think a lot about a decision like that. And truthfully, I don’t think I was ever going to have a moment of just knowing which dress to pick- Because there were so many I liked! But this particular one was so much more intricate than most of the dresses I tried on, AND there was a sale. So basically I jumped on the opportunity before it slipped away out of my budget the very next day. I can’t believe I need to wait 8 months to see it again!

I obviously can't post a picture of the dress, but here's me signing my life away to my decision. Glad I had some lovely ladies with me for support!

I obviously can’t post a picture of the dress, but here’s me signing my life away to my decision. Glad I had some lovely ladies with me for support!

I’m coming up on the end of my surgery rotation: two weeks left. Then I get a break for the holidays and start my scholarship year in January! I’m hoping to come up with some new fitness ideas and hopefully a couple of new videos since it’s been so.long. since I’ve done those.

That’s all for my updates!! I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and staying active 🙂


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