Medical School / My Life (sometimes I need to share)

Fitness, Food, and Fun

The past week has been great for all three of these things. Was it related to finishing work early a few days this week? Maybe. Most definitely. Should I probably have used my time more productively to study? Yup. There is never a good answer to this question.

I’ll start with fitness. I managed to get workouts into FOUR whole days this week!! The weather was perfect for running, so Monday and Thursday consisted of 3-4 mile runs followed by abs and legs.

The street where my parents live; escaped to the suburbs mid-week!

The street where my parents live; escaped to the suburbs mid-week!

Friday I did an hour long core fusion video, and then yesterday I did a TRX and jump rope class at Pura Vida fitness. I’ve been loving TRX lately! It’s dynamic, challenging, and fun.

Next- food. I made this amazing pork roast on Sunday that I’m currently making again tonight. It’s a little bit of a treat because I rarely use butter in my cooking but it is SO worth it. The recipe calls for butternut squash and apple, but I made mine with blue potatoes and carrots and it was delicious!


Other food from the week:

Smokey butternut squash sauce

Smokey butternut squash sauce over pasta; I added meat and swiss chard

Thai basil beef meatballs; made these with zucchini pad thai below

So much nom

I also made a two huge salads (one kale, one rainbow chard) with beans, nuts, and veggies- but I don’t have pictures, sorry!

And now, for the fun part! Friday night (Halloween) was probably one of the best I’ve had in a very long time. Ted and I drove out to my good friend Rosie’s house in Long Island. We met up with a few of my other close medical school friends and were greeted by Rosie’s mom with TONS of Halloween themed snacks, including but not limited to witches brooms, marshmallow teeth, and mummy hot dogs. We decided to walk around the neighborhood for a bit to see all of the decked out houses. One house, which we’ve since named “zombie house” had life sized zombies covering their lawn. I was SO impressed with how much work went into it! They even had sound effects, a smoke machine, and massive corn stalks. And, to top it off, they were collecting money for Sunrise Day Camp as a fundraiser.

Isn't it creepy?!

Isn’t it creepy?!

Another house had a terrifying half dragon-half beast looking dummy which was connected to an electric wire and flew out at you if you stopped to stare at it for long enough. Definitely scared a few in our group! After soaking up the amazing decorations of the neighborhood, we headed back to Rosie’s to play Head’s up, drink pumpkin beer, and obviously eat more snacks. Rosie and her mom put in so much work to decorating their house- so it was dark, cozy, and halloween-y inside: perfect ambiance.

Just a few of the cute decorations in Rosie's house!

Just a few of the cute decorations in Rosie’s house!

The other exciting event of the weekend was (of course!) the New York City Marathon!! I had two good friends from high school running it, along with many other friends of friends of friends. Believe it or not, this was the first race I’ve ever attended as purely a spectator. It was so much fun! Everyone is so excited and supportive- the environment really is infectious 🙂

Cheering on our friends! Poster cred goes to these ladies- I only helped with last minute touch ups this morning.

Cheering on our friends! Poster cred goes to these ladies- I only helped with last minute touch ups this morning.

All smiles!

All smiles!

As you can probably tell, it was SO COLD. Like, all of a sudden November hit and the temperature dropped 20 degrees. It made me completely desperate for a delicious warm beverage- which I promptly created and consumed the second I got home.

Pumpkin hot chocolate from The Diva Dish. I added extra splenda because my sweet tooth is a little out of control 😉

That brings me to the start of a new week! Did you do anything fun for Halloween? Any friends running the marathon?


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