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Reebok Ride the Runway

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok.

I have SO much to talk about in this post it’s hard to know where to start! I’m so lucky that I was selected to participate in The Reebok Ride the Runway Event; everything about it was so much fun!

Before I get to the event, I want to tell you about these awesome Z Quick Electrify sneakers.

I received these in the mail on Monday and was only more excited to see what the new Reebok store had to offer. I gave them a test run at bootcamp and then of course wore them again to the actual event. And they definitely pass the test! The shoes are made to be very lightweight, which is great if you need to wear them for an extended period. They also share a few features with the Nanos, including a breathable ventilation system and extra foot support. There’s a little smooth “bean” (as I like to call it) in the bottom of the shoe that gives a comfortable massage to sole of your foot- you might not even notice it’s there but I’m a fan!

I wore the Z Quicks with the rest of my Reebok gear: cropped pants, sports bra, and tank. All super comfortable and breathable. Material is definitely on par with other large brands like Lululemon. And I ran into Adina from Krasey Beauty in our matching outfits!

How trendy do we look?!

How trendy do we look?!

Ok, so you might be wondering: what is this event anyway?! Well, Reebok recently opened a new storefront on Union Square. The Ride the Runway event not only promoted the store (which has designs for everything from yoga to running and more), but it allowed us to preview their 2015 line and also encouraged staying healthy and active! As soon as I walked in I was hit with a magnetic energy from the crowd and staff. They had great workout music playing and everyone seemed so excited to be a part of it. There was even a long line of people out the door!


Setting up for the ride and runway show!

I was in the second riding group so I had some time to explore the store. It worked out that I happened to wander right into the snacks table! I had a raw vegan snack bar sample as pre workout fuel and it was SO delicious! I think they were made by a company called Sakara which unfortunately only does longer term meal plans and doesn’t sell them as individual items. After politely tasting devouring my snack, I headed over to the accessories section. One can never have too many fitness accessories! From headbands to handbags there was definitely a lot to choose from. The entire store was so trendy- I’m looking forward to going back for more shopping (an added bonus, for those who don’t know, is that it’s located in a hub of fabulous shopping options).


Loving all the colors!

Eventually, it was my turn to ride. For those who don’t know, I’m actually not a big spin fan. I usually just feel like absolute death the entire time because it’s so hard. I’m all about great workouts and a new challenge, but phew spinning is like a whole new level. Anyho, with an upbeat eclectic instructor and a room full of enthusiastic people it makes everything a bit easier.

Spin time! Don't I look like a natural?  ;)

Spin time! Don’t I look like a natural? 😉

We got our spin on in no time!! And about 15 minutes in, the runway show began. The bikes lined the carpet and models walked down in their Reebok gear through all the sweaty workout fiends. The lights went down and the beat turned up- it was so cool to be a part of!

Runway Riding

In case you can’t tell, I’m on the second bike from the left; obviously huffing and puffing like crazy.

You might notice the runway says Burn This. Part of the event was sponsored by a new app which goes by that name. Burn This is a fitness app which has social networking for fitness nerds (like me!!). You can register, create a profile, and follow your friends to see what fitness classes they are taking. You can even use the app to sign up for group classes and invite your friends to join. They also gave us really cute purple tanks while we were there!

Overall, I had a great time! The 2015 line looks like it is packed with bright colors and trendy patterns; in the meantime, their 2014 items are also still fabulous, and I’m loving my new outfit 🙂 I’d highly recommend you check out the store!

The lovely Reebok Runway Models for the night!

The lovely Reebok Runway Models for the night!



4 thoughts on “Reebok Ride the Runway

  1. This seems really fun – super jealous. Will be sure to check out some of the gear you mentioned for the marathon. Thanks, Tori – helpful reviews, as always!

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