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Pediatrics, Brooklyn, and TRX

Most of you probably know that I recently started my third year of medical school. For those who don’t know, the first two years are dedicated to learning in a classroom setting while the second two years are dedicated to learning in hospitals and seeing real patients (the fun part!). If you want to read more about medical school, you can click here.

My first rotation is 5 weeks of pediatrics at Coney Island Hospital. What’s nice about this rotation is we get a little bit of everything: 1 week in emergency, 1 week on in-patient (for kids who need to be admitted and monitored more closely), 1 week in the nursery, and 1 week of outpatient (regular checkups and such). The fifth week is a mix. This way we get a lot of exposure to the different areas of pediatrics. I spent my first week in emergency, and got to see so many different patients! It’s kind of terrifying examining a 2 month old….my stethoscope was the size of his entire chest! Equally terrifying is the whole prospect of talking to kids- you have to completely reset your frame of thinking to handle medicine in children, especially when they either can’t talk to you or don’t really know how to talk to you (after all, doctors can be pretty terrifying to kids!).

Not gonna lie, a lot of tears are shed in peds. It’s debatable whether or not stickers and light up toys can make up for the torture.

Throughout the week we also have mandatory student lectures during the lunch hour about miscellaneous pediatric topics. We had a great lecture yesterday about breastfeeding- it was so informative! I’m debating writing a separate post to re hash all of the things I learned, but I haven’t decided yet about the best way to go about that. Perhaps a medical series on the blog?? Hopefully I’m not the only one nerdy enough to enjoy reading something like that 🙂

In other news, I recently moved from Astoria to Brooklyn. While I was initially really sad to leave my beautiful old apartment- I quickly readjusted to the new area. Brooklyn is amazing! I feel so much more accessible to everything. I have a bunch of friends that live within walking distance, and several different subway lines to take me where I need to go. There’s also a farmers market here every Saturday! Which means lots of fresh healthy cooking has been going on in my apartment.

Because my hours in pediatrics are really nice (7am-4pm) I have plenty of time to cook and enjoy my weekends. Here are a few successful menu items from the past week:

Thai Peanut Chicken Curry is SERIOUSLY delish. As in, I’ve been looking for a recipe this good for a looooong time. Found it!

BBQ bacon and grilled corn pizza on zucchini crust so.much.noms

Turkey Pumpkin Shepard’s Pie yep, I eat pumpkin year round. Don’t judge me too much!

I’ve also gotten really good at making my own summer salads. Last night was peach, corn, and heirloom tomatoes. Last week I did zucchini and pea. Mix and match with oils, vinegars, and herbs, and they make for amazing sides!

Of course, no post is complete on Tori Teaches Fitness without any mention of fitness! So let’s get that covered.

There is a cute little fitness studio here called Pura Vida. There’s a good variety of fitness classes daily here, so I figured I’d give it a try! And I FINALLY did my first ever TRX class!! I’ve been wanting to try it for such a long time! For those who don’t know, TRX is suspension training; all exercises are conducted incorporating a hanging TRX trainer, which allows you to position yourself so that gravity will help make routines harder. Imagine doing a plank but having your feet hanging in stirrups suspended in space- it’s crazy how much more your abdominal muscles need to work in that scenario! And that’s just one example.

So I’m definitely sticking with this and trying a few more times. It’s a great exciting new workout to incorporate into my evening! I highly recommend it if you’re looking for something challenging and innovative as well.

And that about sums up life these days! I’m hoping to incorporate a bit more health/medicine into the blog than I have in the past, so I hope you’ll enjoy that too!


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