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Crossfit WOD and Reebok Nano4s

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok. All opinions are my own.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend my first ever Cross fit class in Union Square. As it turns out, this summer is packed with free events, fitness classes, and performances all taking place in the park! This provides a great opportunity for New Yorkers to try out new classes they might not ordinarily think to- like Yoga, Crossfit, Salsa, and Hip hop. I’d highly recommend it!

The day before Reebok sent me their new Nano4 sneakers along with some of their crossfit apparel complete with a tank, shorts, and comfy socks. Apparently I looked like a true crossfitter in my gear because the trainer told me a lot of people who do crossfit stick to the Reebok line. I suppose that made me somewhat of a pretender, but I figured I’m in shape enough to pull it off 😉

Reebok Swag

I loved everything about this outfit. Especially a fan of the top- the material is so soft and the color is amazing!

I arrived around 7:45 unsure of exactly what to expect. I was quickly greeted with smiling faces of staff from Paragon Sports along with 3 other FitFluential ambassadors (who were easily identifiable because we all had the same shoes!). I immediately felt welcomed and also relieved that almost every other class attendee was new to cross fit.
Nano4'sThe Nano4s were super light and breathable, and were great shoes for strength exercises. The bottom of the shoe has good grip- plus, they are so bright and colorful! These are available through Paragon Sports or Reebok.

Our workout assignment was as follows:

Pre-warm up Warm up:

– Arm circles forward and back, about 20 seconds each way

– Touch toes then reach to the sky, 10 times standing

Actual Warm up:

10 Minutes total: On the Odd minutes, 20 jumping toe taps (on each side). On the even minutes, 10 complete pushups.

If you finish your exercise well before the minute is up, the remaining seconds are rest time until the next minute starts.

Workout: Designed to take 15-20 minutes

10 Rounds of

– 3 shuffle runs

– 10–> 1 squat jumps

– 3 shuffle runs

– 1–>10 burpees

For shuffle runs, you basically run back and forth between 2 cones that are about 12 feet apart. There and back is 1.

During round 1 of this workout, you do 10 squat jumps and one burpee. Round 2 is 9 squat jumps and 2 burpees. The number of squat jumps decreases by 1 while the number of burpees increases by 1 on each round. I think I finished somewhere around minute 16.

Mid toe taps during the warm up

Mid toe taps during the warm up

There is something so cool about exercising in a green space amidst towering impressive buildings.

Pushups like crazy

Speakers were on the left in the back- thank goodness they had music blasting!

The actual workout, tiring ourselves out!

The actual workout, tiring ourselves out!

Our cross fit trainers kept us motivated through out the workout.

All the FitFluential ambassadors! Drenched in sweat

All the FitFluential ambassadors! Drenched in sweat and matching in our Nano4s

From left to right: Trish from Eat More 2 Weigh Less, Adina from Krasey Beauty, Nicole from Nicole Culver Blog, and myself!

I really enjoyed the morning! Has anyone else tried new workouts recently that they’ve loved??


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