Legs (screw cellulite)

Barre Long Legs

Every so often I make my way over to the gym without a class. Sometimes, it can be awesome; I’ll fit in so many new exercises that are outside of my usual routine and I’ll leave feeling exhausted, sore, and fabulous. Other times it can be so difficult to motivate myself! This usually happens when I’m already tired or just plain unenthused.

The past few times I’ve gone solo, its been pretty great! I’ve recently taken to some old barre exercises that I learned forever ago and just haven’t done in a while. This inspired me to do a video for the blog incorporating some of these ideas. I don’t have access to a barre where I can film, so I had to improvise for this one and used a bench instead. You can also use a high countertop or chair at home. Otherwise, you don’t need any equipment- it’s fairly quick but also challenging 🙂

In other news, life has gotten pretty crazy recently. My boyfriend’s work hours are much longer now, which means we don’t usually get home until about 8pm most nights. With this schedule it’s been SO hard to figure out fast, healthy, and nutritious dinners. I’ve been cutting a lot more corners than usual, but have managed to stay mostly on top of healthy eating. I have to say, Trader Joes has been a life saver for this- they have pre-mixed bags o’ greens that are just perfect. From kale and broccoli to brussels sprouts, I can just open the bag into a pan with some olive oil and spices, add beans or tempeh for protein, and occasionally some cheese or other vegetables and voila! A pretty yummy 10 minute meal.

Sauteed shredded kale mix with soy sauce and olive oil!

Sauteed shredded kale mix with soy sauce and olive oil!


Earlier this week we had an ambassadors dinner for all of the students who were  tour guides throughout the year. It took place in a big mansion behind our school; the scenery was beautiful and the food was delicious!

Some of my very close friends :)

Some of my very close friends 🙂

Things are coming to a close at school, which is so weird! It’s crazy to think that I just spent two years in classroom problem based learning and in just a couple of short months I’ll be taking what I learned into hospitals and seeing real patients. Tomorrow we’ll be having our last group session ever! It will be complete with 80’s themed decorations and yummy breakfast food. It’s a huge milestone to be stepping from preclinical years to clinical years, and I am SO excited! But first, I have to make it through finals and boards (baby steps).

Hope you’re all enjoying your week! It’s almost the weekend and *finally* spring.


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