Glutes (Getting junk in the trunk) / Legs (screw cellulite)

Tone and Tighten from the Waist Down

Today’s workout incorporates the stability ball. I tried to come up with some new/creative ways to use it that aren’t shown in typical charts and stability ball guides. What I ended with involves a lot of balance! This workout is good for glutes, thighs, and abs 🙂

I also found a great stability ball chart in case you need some quick ideas:


Stability ball exercises

Stability ball exercises

And then I also found this guy:

Isn’t he cute??

You’ll have to excuse my sparse posting these days. I’m almost at the 2 month countdown for taking my boards! The stress level has DEFINITELY picked up and it feels like crunch time. That being said, I’m still making time for workouts! This morning I did some great core fusion exercises, and my weekends are packed with some rough bootcamp classes.

Here’s the video!

P.S.- Anyone on twitter? You can follow me! I post a lot of information and links about health and fitness.


2 thoughts on “Tone and Tighten from the Waist Down

  1. I love that elephant pic! Lol I understand it being a stressful time- I have barely been able to post as well. Good luck! Glad you are still keeping up the workouts. I workout out some but when it’s this busy for me, I try to at least focus on keeping a healthy diet.

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