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YouTube Home Workout Channels

This morning I woke up to do a few of my own fitness videos before starting my day. Every time I go back to the oldies, it makes me re-excited about having them! There are so many routines I constructed with interesting exercises that I’ve so quickly forgotten, and it’s always nice to be reintroduced. That was the whole reason I started this blog!

Before I take a walk down memory lane, I figured it would be useful for me to briefly mention a few new YouTube channels filled with workouts that are challenging, dynamic, and fun! I have two to share.

The first is Pop Sugar Fitness. I think this is my absolute favorite YouTube channel ever! The workouts are all around 10 minutes, and they have EVERYTHING from barre to cardio to kickboxing. Their videos are very professional and I love that they always have new exercises I’ve never done before. You can literally click on any link and squeeze in a great workout!

The second is Tara Stiles Yoga. She is great for any Yoga level and keeps things moving the entire time. For me, she also has the perfect balance between focusing on breath/ physical movement and the extra existential Yoga mind words. She’s way better at Yoga than I could ever be, so definitely check her out for some good stretch/core/upper body workouts.

And now, we travel back in time to years past when I started up my blog! These are the videos I did this morning.

This was filmed about 2 years ago, when I spent the summer in Seattle. It was the first time I filmed around strangers, and although I was a touch self conscious, it ended up working out really well! People were interested in what I was doing and then also got excited to learn about my blog 🙂

These two videos were filmed at the end of my summer just before starting medical school. It was about 102 degrees with high humidity in my parents back yard. You might not be able to tell from the video, but I was dripping with sweat by the end!

This last video was filmed back at Washington University in 2012. They were so kind to allow me use of the space for filming! I previously taught classes there while living in St. Louis, and always had such a good time. This particular workout is perfect for stubborn muffin tops, and doesn’t require you to lay down on the floor.

So there you have it! Do you have any favorite YouTube workout channels? I’d love to hear about them!


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