Abs (Pooch be gone)

Core Balance

This weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) Regional Conference in Albany. The conference was geared towards first and second year female medical students, with an emphasis on “Empowering Future Leaders in Medicine.” And I’d definitely say I left feeling empowered! It was so wonderful to hear the personal journeys of so many accomplished female physicians, and helped to put things into perspective for me. I learned a lot about patient care, workplace norms, and work life balance, and will definitely take the advice to heart! We were also able to do a simulated head injury and intubation workshop with a “robot” that can breathe, talk, and blink, among many other things.


Intubating the dummy; probably harder than intubating an actual person!

But, of course, I know you are all looking forward to a new workout video! So this week I’m giving you “Core Balance.” Balance workouts are always excellent for the core because it forces you to use smaller muscles that are more difficult to target, and also requires that you keep your abdominals pulled in- because if you forget, then you’ll lose the balance!

core balance

Equipment for this one includes a stability ball and a small weight (mine was 6 pounds). You can also opt to do this without the weight, and there are modifications in the video. Enjoy!


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