Strength (mix n' match)

Planks N’ Pushups

It can be difficult to squeeze in time for workouts, especially throughout the holidays. But, never fear! 10 minute workout videos are here!

Exercise doesn’t have to mean you sacrifice a few hours of your day in one big chunk. Rather, 15 minutes here and 10 minutes there can all be pieced together, and it does still count! Hopefully my videos can help make things seem more manageable.

Today’s workout involves Planks and Pushups. I had to get a little creative with mixing these together because it’s so easy to slip into the same ole’ boring routines. But I think the exercises in this video provide a unique spin on the usuals.

Planks n' Pushups

This workout targets the upper body as well as the core. It’s a solid toning workout and doesn’t require any equipment!

How do you manage your workouts? Do you prefer to exercise all at once or spread it out?


3 thoughts on “Planks N’ Pushups

  1. I exercise all in one chunk. The gym has child care, and if I try to exercise at home, I end up with either a kid or a large dog jumping on top of me or crawling underneath me (or both). 😉 But, all my bike commuting gets little mini-workouts in through the day.

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