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Cardio Quickie and More Good News!

I’m officially on vacation!! It’s good in that I have a break from school but simultaneously daunting in that I have Somehow it will all need to happen while I squeeze in time to continue to study for my board exams in June….time is flying!

But, I have good news! Last week I was accepted to my school’s Academic Scholars Program. It’s a 3 year scholarship that will allow me to continue my medical education, but also incorporate teaching 1st and 2nd year medical students, doing independent research, and gaining hours of clinical hands on training with osteopathic manipulative medicine. This will mean I take an extra year of school, so no graduating until 2017, but I’m SO excited to have such an amazing opportunity!

But, back to business…

Shameless selfie post workout

Shameless selfie post workout

It’s a very busy time of year, and what better way to squeeze in a workout than with a Quickie! Cardio Quickie will give you a pretty good short cardio workout that is both effective and dynamic. I’m having this issue where I can’t really film my workouts with music at the same time anymore because there is no way to control the sound balance with my voice. The result is that anytime I film a cardio workout (which very much requires a steady beat) I can’t seem to match up my movements with steady bpm music. On this video I tried 3 different sets of songs and nothing was working. So that means that the video doesn’t have music! I normally don’t like to do that, especially with cardio, but it was just too distracting to have music that was off pace. So if you’re craving a beat then go ahead and turn on some of your own workout music and exercise with that! This will continue to be a work in progress for me.

Action shot


2 thoughts on “Cardio Quickie and More Good News!

  1. Congratulations on getting accepted! I’m so excited for you! What a wonderful opportunity to continue your education while getting precious hours of experience (and a scholarship along the way). πŸ˜€

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