Full Body (fat blast)

From Head to Toe and Holiday Updates

Hello everyone! I hope you are all recovered from the Thanksgiving holiday by now. A lot has happened since then! Here’s a recap:

I ran a turkey trot with my dad. We run one every year! This year we ran it twice since it was only 2.6 miles.

turkey trot

In between studying, I spent a lot of time singing this week. I started an a cappella group at my school called the “Noteochords.” (The notochord is the embryonic precursor to the stuff that’s inside the bones in your spine- it’s very important for the formation of a fetus…..Nerdy, I know). We sang at Nassau University Medical Center on Wednesday and delivered holiday grams to professors, students, and staff at school all week. I can’t even begin to explain how rewarding the experience was. We made people cry bringing back fond memories! I’m a sucker for tears!


A few of us singing a holiday gram in the cafeteria!

Somewhere in between all of this I managed to film about 5 new videos for the blog. I’m so excited! It’s difficult to find time and space, but with my parents new mini gym it’s become a little more accessible.

Today’s workout is “From Head to Toe.” You’re really working everything here: arms, legs, core, balance, and stretch. It’s short but effective! I recommend 10-15 pound weights.

From Head to Toe

Give it a try! I hope you’re all enjoying the weekend 🙂


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