Full Body (fat blast)

Full Body Strength

I’m trying to get better about filming more workouts. Really, I am! It’s unbelievable how busy I’ve gotten with school. But I always try to fit in my hobbies somewhere. Filming workouts has become slightly less convenient without an appropriate space, so I’ll have to apologize for my living room and the cameos of my cats now and then.

full body strength

I like this workout. It’s short and sweet and hits almost everything. If you have a pair of hand weights lying around you can do this anywhere. I didn’t realize until I was filming, but my heart rate climbed a lot in such a short period of time! Not gonna lie, it made me feel a bit out of shape, but I think it’s mostly because I’m not used to speaking while I exercise anymore.

Anyho’ I’d recommend doing this workout more than once or pairing it with some of my other workouts. The cardio here comes from squats and lunges, so if you’re looking for more you can always mix in another cardio video. Or an ab video. Or both! Go crazy! Challenge yourself on the weights, too.


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