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Boxing and Self Defense: Practical Exercise

I truly believe that a workout which involves hitting things is therapeutic. We all have times when we feel aggression, disappointment, distress, or anxiety and it just makes everything better when you can hit a heavy bag hard enough to nearly knock it over. While things like Yoga can really calm the mind, boxing can satisfy the soul.

Yesterday morning I took the opportunity to box at my gym. It was amazing! Not only is it a fantastic arm workout, but it really helps me stay focused and motivated. Seriously, I could have hit that punching bag all day!

boxing at the gym

Me, post boxing sweat session

If you ever have the opportunity to take a boxing class, I highly recommend it. Eventually you can box on your own and just zone out a bit. The bonus? You’ll have sore arms!

Here’s a video that reviews all of the basic punches and kicks. They don’t really explain anything unfortunately. But the main principle to keep in mind while punching is to pivot around your feet and use your hips. I have more about technique in my kickboxing videos.

In other (similar) news, last week the American Medical Women’s Association chapter at my school (of which I am Vice President!) organized a self defense class. We had a great Krav Maga Instructor come and teach us some basic principles to help us in a scary or tough situation. The whole idea behind this type of self defense is that a smaller person can use techniques to give him/herself an advantage over a larger person in a dominant position. We learned how to maneuver out of a front choke hold and a mounted position from the floor. He had us do a few drills of punches and kicks, and then had us try to practice manipulative maneuvers on each other.

A few take aways that are especially important! And maybe obvious, but it still doesn’t hurt to review 🙂

– When you need to walk alone to your car at night make sure you have your key out and ready before you go- same goes for walking home. Keys out, at the ready.

– When walking anywhere in the dark it’s important to be aware of your surroundings. Don’t keep your face down in your phone and don’t listen to headphones. You’re a target if it seems like you’re not paying attention.

– When in doubt, go for a kick in the groin- this will leave an attacker momentarily preoccupied so you can run.

I was perusing YouTube for some good instruction on this and came across a series from Howcast. Here’s a good example:

All you need is a bit of time and a partner! Plus a lot of practice.

Happy (and safe!) Hitting!


2 thoughts on “Boxing and Self Defense: Practical Exercise

  1. Check out Kokondo Martial Arts as well. It’s similar! And works totally on instinct and NOT power just like this video for the self-defense versus front choke.

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