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My New Favorite Workout and How to Jump Rope for longer

Good Morning everyone! It’s been crazy over here since I have a huge exam coming up. In my program we’re only tested 4 times per year so you can imagine how much content there is to cover! But I constantly remind myself not to drop everything else that’s important to me just because of a test. 

In the meantime, I tried a new workout this week and loved it. I was so, so sore afterwards for 3 days! Obviously at the end of three days I did the whole thing again 🙂 It’s great for your arms and involves a lot of cardio. 

With that I have two things to mention. The first is about how to jump rope correctly and the second involves deck squats. 

Jumping Rope

Here are some tips regarding a lot of common mistakes people make. A few fixes will help you jump rope for much longer than you thought you could!

1.) Arms

A lot of people flail their arms around frantically trying to move the jump rope. Doing this will use so much extra energy it will tire you out in under one minute! Try keeping your arms close to your sides at about 30-45 degrees from your body and work on using a whipping motion with your hands to get the rope around you. The point is to minimize the movement of your arms so that you have enough energy to make it through a long jump rope session. 

2.) Jumps

There is a HUGE difference between jumping 1 foot off the ground and 1 inch. The thing to remember is that the jump rope itself is less than 1/4″ thick. This means that you shouldn’t have to jump very high at all to clear it! Try jumping just an inch or so off the ground as you move the rope. You can do this by bending your knees as little as possible. This will also help you conserve energy to jump rope for much longer! 

3.) Jump Rope Length

When your jump rope is the correct length, it makes a huge different. There may be different schools of thought on how long it should be. I personally think that when the jump rope is folded in half and the bottom touches the floor, the handles should reach just below your armpit. Here is another resource regarding the best ways to determine appropriate jump rope size. 

Okay, so the next order of business: Deck Squats. These are part of the workout.

The picture above is pretty good; I usually start at her 4 and then go 3, 2, 1. I also really like the video below; this girl has typed explanations and shows you exactly how it’s done. The only thing I did differently was that I extended my weight up over my head when laying on my back to use more chest/arms (like in the picture above). I used an 8 pound medicine ball, but could’ve definitely gone higher. 

So there you have it! Make sure to switch legs on the burpees (first 10 on the right foot, then next 10 on the left). 

Sore Arms Cardio Workout

Feel free to comment and let me know your time! I did this one in about 38 minutes and was EXHAUSTED afterwards….somehow I still pushed myself to run a mile back home from the gym. Woo!

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!


2 thoughts on “My New Favorite Workout and How to Jump Rope for longer

  1. The gym I go to offered a jump rope interval class for a while, and the biggest thing I learned (which seemed simple) is that you really have to concentrate to make sure that your feet and arms are moving in synch. I found that I naturally jumped to the tempo of the music, but my arms moved slightly slower, leading to tripping every few hops. When I tuned out the beat of the music and really focused on making sure my arms and feet moved together, I could go MUCH longer on the jump rope.

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