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How to Choose the Best Workout Shoes for Women: Guest Post

These simple tips on how to choose the best workout shoes for women will help you find the perfect match so you can workout in comfort and style.


1. Buy the Right Shoe for Your Workout

Few may be familiar with this, but walking shoes and running shoes are incredibly different. Walking shoes are designed a bit firmer than running shoes, which are created to offer more flexibility and support than walking shoes. If you plan on performing both exercises of walking and running on a frequent basis, you need to buy both pairs of shoes- one for walking and one for running.

2. Know Your Foot

This may seem like an obvious tip, but it is really important to know all aspects of your feet. Knowing your feet has two meanings: size and shape.

Each foot has its own level of arch, from completely flat to severely arched. Knowing the arch of your foot can help you find the best workout shoes possible. Think about it: if you have incredibly arched feet and you end up purchasing a pair of workout shoes for flat feet, you won’t get the ample support that it is imperative to comfort and support of your specific foot type.

After deciding the level of arch in your foot, you need to measure your foot. Don’t just find a nearby shoe and take the number written on the shoe, thinking that is your foot measurement. Feet are constantly changing whether you believe it or not, and taking a foot measurement before buying a pair of workout shoes is important to ensure you get the best fit possible. Measure your foot later in the day (as feet swell from all of the use during the day), and make sure to leave an extra 3/4th of an inch for comfort (the ‘thumb’ rule when buying shoes). You don’t want your workout shoes to be rubbing against your toes!

3. Don’t Fall for Fancy Extras

Some shoes claim that they possess fancy features, but most of the time they are just gimmicks to make you spend more money. It is important to realize these false advertisements and pass them up as much as possible. Not only will it save you money, but it will save you from a lot of disappointment as well. After all, let’s face it: the basic running shoe designed to contour to the foot and provide plenty of support is just as good as a shoe that can make you ‘run faster’ or has ‘special soles’ that in the end, do nothing.


4. Know How Much to Spend

When it comes time to choose best workout shoes for women, pricing is an important factor. It is important to note that good, supportive running or walking shoes can be fairly pricey. You should spend anywhere between $50 and $100 in most cases, but anything over $100 will most likely be a waste. Don’t opt for the $15 running shoes either, as these cheap shoes tend to have less support and comfort than higher brand shoes. Some shoe stores will offer great discounts and specials on high-end running shoes, which means you can find a great pair of workout shoes for less.

Zhuang Ping is an avid blogger with a passion for writing. With over 3 year experience, she’s a notable author on the topics of fashion, exercise, and discount shopping. She recommends this site for some great deals on all your favorite gear. 


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