Stretches (relief) / Videos (Workout with me)

Tone and Stretch

This morning I started my day with a Yoga class at 7am. It was so necessary!  I honestly left wishing I could do this every morning. Things have been incredibly stressful at school recently, and it seems I’ve barely had time to breathe. But every so often I’m reminded that taking a break from studying is okay- and, in fact, probably better for me in the long run.  It’s important to make time for the things we love, and not to lose sight of the other people and activities that bring us happiness outside of our day-to-day professional careers.

So I’m taking this opportunity to apologize for abandoning you all for such long periods of time! I really don’t like it. I try to make time for blogging whenever I can, and I’m only sorry I can’t bring you videos every week!


But today I have! The workout is a tone and stretch, partially inspired by Yoga. It’s a great video to do at home with nothing but a mat. There are some really good upper body stretches and full body toning exercises.


I’m going to try and incorporate some more stretching into my videos. It’s so important! Even I am frequently guilty of neglecting it, and have since lost a ton of my flexibility. So here we go!


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