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New Circuit Moves and an Exciting Announcement!

Are you tired of your same ole’ routine? Finding yourself bored or unchallenged? Or perhaps you just want to try something new?

There are many people who fall into this rut. Every so often I am one of them! I’m constantly on the lookout for new interesting exercises that I haven’t tried. Once I learn them, it’s fun to incorporate into a circuit- I always feel so accomplished.

Now for my exciting announcement! Because I’ve been making videos on this blog for over a year now, I decided to enter a video contest for OMED (the Osteopathic Medical Conference and Exposition) about why I’m interesting in attending. The winner gets all conference expenses paid for: flight, room, and conference fee. And guess what?! I won!! This means that in the fall I’ll be able to attend an awesome medical conference in Las Vegas! And then I get to share all of my new found knowledge with you. Can you tell I’m excited? I really have all of you to thank; your support and encouragement of my blog are the reasons I felt confident enough to try.

But back to fitness. Try these out and see what you think! They are harder than they seem 😉

Wall Kicks

Wall Kicks

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Start with your toes on the ground, heels up, and palms pressing into the floor with a wall or tree behind you. Using your abdominals and upper body strength jump both feet simultaneously up to rest lightly on the wall or tree behind you and hold them there for 2 seconds. Jump back to the floor and repeat. Try not to take breaks in between.

To Modify: Jump one leg up at a time. Right leg comes up behind you. Then left. Hold both up for 2 seconds. Jump down.

Try: 30 Repetitions

One Legged Burpees


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Begin standing with one knee bent; this foot will stay off of the floor the entire time. Proceed through the normal burpee movement and try not to let your foot touch the floor even once. Use your abdominals for balance.

To modify: Keep both feet on the floor- normal burpees.

Try: 10 repetitions on each side



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Begin in plank position holding two dumbbells. Pull up with the right hand to the chest (not pictured). Pull up with the left hand to the chest. Jump feet to chest, hands remain on the floor. Jump up towards the ceiling, elbows at 90 degrees. Squat low bringing dumbells to shoulders. Stand and press dumbbells up to ceiling. Place hands back on the floor and jump back into plank.

To modify: Ditch the weights.

Try: 15 Repetitions using 10 pound weights

One Legged Squat Sits

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With this exercise, the lower the seat height the more challenging it will be. Pictured is a bench about knee height. I used a step with 3 risers on each side (SO tough). Go with what you have, but challenge yourself! Begin standing with one leg straight in front of you (it’s okay if your knee is bent). This foot stays off of the floor the entire time. Using your abdominals, slowly bring yourself down to sit on your bench or step, and then stand back up without letting your foot drop.

To Modify: Keep both feet on the ground and/or use a higher bench.

Try: 15 Repetitions on each side

Repeat these as many times as you can manage. Feel free to add in some abdominal work or cardio in between.

What’s your favorite fitness exercise? Does it ever change?


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