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Travel and Exercise: Making the Two Compatible

Finding the time and motivation to exercise while traveling can be tough. It’s easy to get swept away by the romanticism of fresh baked goods around every corner and the temptation to take a bus or boat as a means of making sight seeing easier. But being active is important, and doesn’t have to be incompatible with vacation!

Here are some ways that I’ve been incorporating exercise into my travel plans. Hopefully this will help you come up with some creative ideas!

1.) Use your surroundings

This might sound obvious, but I think many times we tend to excuse ourselves from these basic ideas when we’re on vacation. If you’re staying in a place with stairs, use them! If there is a park near by, go there! Instead of cabbing or taking public transit, try walking part of the way. Forcing yourself to do even a little still goes a long way.

Brugge is just so magical!

Brugge is just so magical!

2.) Walk, Walk, Walk!

I can’t even describe how much I’ve been walking on this trip. I’m almost at the point where my feet hurt too much to keep going! (I’m not encouraging that by the way).  But truthfully walking gives you the best of both worlds; you get to see a lot of a new city while incorporating exercise. If you break up your walk throughout the day then it becomes manageable and before you know it you might’ve walked 5 miles!

Walking with 35 pound bags is no joke!

Walking with 35 pound bags is no joke!

3.) Active Sight Seeing

There are many vacation destinations that provide active ways to sight see. Besides walking, you can rent paddle boats or kayaks in places near water, or you can bike. When I was in Amsterdam everyone biked. My friends and I biked everywhere and back again for a full two days and we had so much fun while we were there!

On a very silly green bike

On a very silly green bike

4.) Motivate your travel companions

Exercising with other people can be really helpful. By motivating and pushing each other to try new adventures and take risks while traveling you can encourage exercise. If others you travel with can get excited about active vacation time, it makes it much easier on you to follow through.


Exhausted but still going strong!

5.) Drop and give me 10!

As a last resort this is a good policy to live by. It would take you less than a minute to squeeze 10 push ups in before a shower or right when you wake up. If you’re really motivated, you can do even more! Although it doesn’t seem like much, if you did them everyday for a week it would total 70 pushups- and that’s no joke! If you took even 5 minutes to do some crunches, push ups, planks, or other strength activities, it would still count as exercise.

And there you have it! My suggestions for marrying exercise with vacation. Everyone deserves a break sometimes, but these are some good ways to stay active and not have it detract from your time away from normal daily life.

Do you have any tips for ways to exercise while traveling? 


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