Glutes (Getting junk in the trunk) / Videos (Workout with me)

Butt Blaster

Today’s workout title might be deceiving….

Butt Blaster

Not that I’m lying, because this is definitely a butt blaster. I’m only warning you that this will also be a great workout for the very back part of your muffin top area. Keeping your chest lifted throughout the video will allow you to work even more into these muscles.

All you need is a resistance band or strap. Mine is from Exhale Spa- it comes free with purchase of the Core Fusion Abs and Arms Video. (And, if you’re into home workouts, their videos are well worth every penny).

I like this video particularly because it’s so colorful! I spent the last 3 days on a beach in Milford without a mat- so this towel was my substitute. Now I’m extra relaxed and tan and ready to tackle a very long and packed vacation in Europe. You can follow me on Instagram to track pictures of my travels! I’ll also plan a post about exercising while traveling as I try to figure out how to adapt myself. Happy Hump Day!


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