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8 Minute Yoga

In keeping with the Yoga theme for the week, I got around to filming a new workout- my first in months!! I forgot how much fun I had putting these together 🙂

Obviously, it’s a Yoga video. But the way I personally love doing Yoga involves a lot of movement and balance. So this is definitely a more fast paced Vinyasa-esque type of workout with my own twists on it.

Yoga 1

The room I filmed in was about 85 degrees, and in that sweatshirt basically felt like I earned Hot Yoga status. But Yoga is meant to be done in a warm environment, so I felt it was more appropriate than taking the time to lower the temperature.

Yoga chair pose

Challenging my quads!

The video is only 8 minutes, so you don’t need to take too much time from your day to do it! The balance might be a bit challenging, but it’s good for you. Happy yoga-ing!


2 thoughts on “8 Minute Yoga

    • It depends- I usually combine several different videos/routines if I’m looking for a longer stretch. If I’m doing Yoga as a workout I’ll usually do 60 minutes- but I think I’d get bored doing this video 6-7 times! Just once should do it- still get a benefit 🙂

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