Stretches (relief)

Yoga Week on Tori Teaches Fitness

What is really so special about the summer? Why do people look forward to it, enjoy it, wish it were a permanent part of their lives? Think about it for a minute, what does summer really mean to everyone?

First beach day of the season for me

First beach day of the season for me!

To many, summer is a time for relaxation. People take vacations, use leisure time, spend time with family, and work on themselves. People take breaks from the fast paces of their lives. Summer represents an escape- a time to slow down- and this is something that many (including myself!) have become quite bad at.

So what better way to celebrate the ideals of summer than to have a Yoga Week on Tori Teaches Fitness?! Yoga is all about mental relaxation (I say mental, because a lot of Yoga is really physically demanding!). It’s about really focusing inward, on yourself and your mind, and trying your best to push the rest of the world to the side for the time being. I’ll be the first to admit that this task can sometimes feel impossible. My Yoga instructors are constantly reminding me to “acknowledge my thoughts and then push them away by focusing on the breath.” Many times, I’m pretty unsuccessful. That being said, I still do feel pretty relaxed after Yoga, even if I wasn’t perfectly “centered.”

Get ready for a week of Yoga-centric material! I’m kicking off the week with an old Yoga video I filmed last year. Has anyone done this one yet? I’m a big fan because it incorporates a good amount of movement. Look out for a brand new video coming this week along with some Yoga information, a guest post Yoga article, and some Yoga class reviews.


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