Bootcamp Series / Recipes (Eat well)

Bootcamp Round Six and Healthy High Protein Snacks

It’s officially crunch time for me as I’m nearing the end of my first year of medical school. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by! I have a few final exams next week and then I’m home free until August….definitely looking forward to a study break!

Despite my commitment to a healthy lifestyle I’ll admit that it has gotten hard at times to stay on track. For the most part, I feel that I was successful in doing so but it wasn’t without hardship and persistence. Sometimes it’s just so difficult to pull myself out of my intense study mode and get myself to the gym, or to make healthy food, or to write blog posts for toriteachesfitness. The good news is that I actually enjoy these things, so it was always more about treating myself to a break than actually dreading a break.

In any case, I recently came across a few excellent “snack” recipes. A lot of people have a downfall in diets when it comes to daily snacking, especially in office environments where bad food always seems to be around. Here’s what I’ve really enjoyed:

1.) Spicy Roasted Chickpeas – takes very little prep time

I made these with Pensey’s “New World Seasoning” and will definitely eliminate the salt next time!

2.) Sliced Mango with pistachios and Greek Yogurt- again, quick snack!

3.) S’mores “Cookie dough” Balls – if you have some extra time, make these ahead of time and keep in freezer

4.) Luna Cookie Dough Protein Bars (can you tell I love cookie dough?)

The most important thing is too keep healthy snacks around so that when you’re hungry you won’t default to something that’s bad for you! Plus, all of these can satisfy cravings for sweet and salty treats 🙂

Last thing- I have a Bootcamp Workout for today. Has anyone been going through these? It takes some motivation since there are no videos with them, but you’ll feel awesome when you’re done. Today’s workout is all about abs and glutes- and powering through for 15 minutes straight. Try to get in as many rounds as you can, this one’s tough!!

Bootcamp Round Six


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