Bootcamp Series

Bootcamp Round Five

Good morning everyone!

Though my posts have been somewhat sparse, I certainly haven’t given up on this blog. I have a lot of things planned for the upcoming months, and am looking forward to June when I’ll actually have time to film some more videos. I only have 3 weeks left in my first year of medical school and am really looking forward to a much needed break!

And this also means….summer is almost here! A time for beaches, lounging, turning a year older, and soaking up some free time. This definitely means kicking workouts up into high gear!

So if you haven’t been following my Bootcamp series, feel free to back track to round one. Each of these takes about 40-60 minutes and will definitely have you both sweating and feeling enormously accomplished. Turn up the music, set a timer, and kick your own butt!

Round Five

What’s your favorite workout? Any special plans to get in shape for the summer?


2 thoughts on “Bootcamp Round Five

  1. My favorite workout, me, Lycra, my shoes, my best two-wheeled friend and about 10,000 revolutions. Heaven on earth. No need to get in shape, I’m already there. 😉

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