Bootcamp Series

Bootcamp Series: Round Four

Yesterday I did this very workout in a classroom full of about 25 people. It’s astonishing how naturally competitive I get with those around me. I’d really never thought of myself as a competitive person, and I usually shy away from competitive situations (playing games, sports, etc). But if I’m just going to be honest, my inner competitiveness is out.of.control. If anything it becomes insanely obvious in school. I always strive to be the best at the things I care about.

Whenever we get workout assignments and are told to just “GO!” I get insanely competitive. I want to be the first one finished. Usually I’m not quite first, or if I am, it’s because I used lighter weights or didn’t jump as high. But this time….this time…I was first! And because we all used our own body weight we were all on an even playing field. I managed to finish this in 40 minutes (minus the stretching). This efficiency left me with a bonus 20 minutes of studying.

So I encourage you to get competitive with yourself. Or team up and get competitive with others. The more you do these types of workouts the more you can strive to improve your time. GO!

Bootcamp round four

Are you competitive? In what situations? Do you think it’s a good or bad characteristic?


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