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The Importance of YOUR happiness and bonus Glutes

I’ve been spending some time thinking about what my blog is missing; what are some important things related to health and fitness that I haven’t yet touched on. Admittedly, there are many, but I put thought into the things that I feel knowledgable enough to write about. I realized this morning exactly what this was: a post about mental health.

So we can talk about “mental health,” but that word can be off putting and scare people away. Others find it intriguing and want to be in on the conversation. It is a broad term, but I’m going to boil it down today to one thing: happiness.


People make happiness sound like an easily achievable thing. “The power of positive thinking” or “just do what makes you happy.” For many, finding happiness can feel nothing short of impossible. For others still, they find themselves in limbo land where things feel a bit static and they aren’t sure where to go. No matter where you fall, you shouldn’t sell yourself short. Because once you are happy, everything else will just fall right into place.

I’m specifically interested in talking about happiness in context of weight loss. I’m sure many of you have struggled with losing weight, with being in shape, with finally looking the way you want to look. Trying diets X,Y, and Z and spending an hour a day on the elliptical. And no matter how much you try and commit to this regimen, you find it’s not working. You wonder why it’s not working and frequently beat yourself up about it. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, it’s possible, that nothing works because you’re just not as happy as you could be.

There is, of course, a chicken or the egg argument here. Am I unhappy because I don’t look the way I want or do I not look the way I want because I’m unhappy? I’m not too sure the answer matters all that much, because once you find your happiness, everything else just follows. You’ll see that many struggling with weight loss seem to finally lose the weight once they are distracted by good things in their life. And it’s not just about good things, it’s also about good people.

Surrounding yourself with people who love and support you is, in my opinion, absolutely necessary. It’s much more difficult to find happiness without them. They are the ones who will encourage you, make you laugh, and help you forget about the things that don’t seem to be going as well. They want you to be happy just as much as you do.

But, most importantly, you have to try new things. If you aren’t making tangible life changes, then it’s unlikely you’ll find any change in your attitude. Counseling. Nutritionist. Personal trainer. A new class. An impromptu weekend getaway. A night out on the town. Don’t be your own obstacle, and make sure you allow yourself to have fun. I am confident that once you are truly happy and distracted, you will lose the weight you want.

Just to reiterate: this is not an easy thing. It’s a challenge. There will be ups and downs. But my hope is that my words are at least a bit thought provoking. It’s possible that a shift in mindset and attitude could ultimately be what helps you achieve your goals. And even if weight loss is not a goal of yours, you might find you start feeling more positive once you fill your life with things you enjoy the most.

What do you think? Does anyone out there struggle with this type of thing? Does anyone have suggestions of what works?

On another note, I finally got around to uploading a new “Glute Killer” video. It’s the same video as the original, but I omitted the music in hopes that you could hear the instruction a bit better. I know someone had mentioned this to me a while back, so hopefully this one is easier to follow. I always love your feedback and suggestions!!


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