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Trim Down Thighs

Today’s workout is a killer.

Have you ever tried Core Fusion? Pure Barre? Pop Physique? Well they’re all very similar and this work really pays tribute to all of them; small controlled movements made SO much harder with a resistance band.

Trim down thighs

This workout is greater for inner and outer thighs. You can modify your resistance band length to be more difficult (smaller circle) or a bit easier (larger circle). The smaller your circle, the smaller range of motion you’ll have (and this is okay). If you use a band that is not as tight then definitely go for a much larger range of motion than what I show in the video. If it doesn’t feel like enough- do it twice!

By the way, I finally joined a gym!! I already took two bootcamp classes this week and they.were.killers. I was SO sore from Tuesday’s class that I couldn’t quite do everything on Thursday. I’m planning on kickboxing today. The classes are already giving me some good ideas for videos! What are some of your favorite classes?





6 thoughts on “Trim Down Thighs

  1. I LOVE your videos! I’ve told lots of people about them! Kids nap while I work out! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. Hey Tori!
    I love your workouts! I have been doing them for about 4 weeks and Loving so many of them. I have tried your standing abs, kickboxing (all3) ballet legs and now the trim down thighs!! Having so much fun!! thanks so much!!!

  3. I really love your video’s! I started your videos 3 weeks ago & I’m seeing a diverse in my energy & body! I love stand up abs the best, 42, a grandma, & had a back injury & hip problms & with your stand routines its easier on my body! Loven it!

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