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Standing Abs Two

It’s here!!

Standing abs 2

Standing Abs Two.

I’ve had some requests for another standing abs video so I’m happy to oblige. I really love your feedback, ideas, and requests, so keep them coming!

This workout may seem relatively easy. If so, then you should do the entire thing with light weights in your hands. I didn’t have weights when I filmed this, so I did without. But I definitely encourage you to challenge yourself, and weights will make a big difference! The main thing to keep in mind is really squeezing in your abdominals. This is much harder to do when standing because you don’t have the same gravity component that you get while on the floor.

Enjoy the weekend!


Here’s a link to my first standing abs video and standing abs with weights if you’re looking for other similar videos.


9 thoughts on “Standing Abs Two

  1. Hi! I agree with the above. Please try and do a video that targets below the belly. I love your standing abs videos, but I have a baby pooch from having five kids. I am searching for the most effective way to minimize that area. Thanks for posting your videos, they are apart of my regular work out shecedule.

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    • It’s really up to you in terms of what you’d like to do. The number one thing I always recommend is that you make sure you’re varying your workouts. It’s fine to do exercises you like more frequently throughout the week, but it’s important to keep you body guessing. The second you start doing something too often, it becomes too easy!

  3. I really like your standing ab videos; can you do a video that targets below the belly button? Possibly on the stability ball to keep us off the floor.

      • Hi Katie,
        Last year I was exercising intensely for an hour a day about 6-7 days per week. It worked with my schedule and I really enjoyed it!

        This year is very different; because I have a much more hectic schedule and am not teaching, my workouts are between 30-60 minutes (average 45) about 4-5 days per week. It’s still working well for me because I’m able to stay toned, but I’ve also modified my diet accordingly- last year I needed more fuel throughout my days and this year I need less. All in all I actually ended up losing a bit of weight.

        The most important thing is partly enjoyment. It’s so much better to do things you enjoy! I think it’s always a balance between food and exercise. As we age, food becomes more and more of an important factor.


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