Weekly Workout Series

Weekly Workout Series: Oh so Sore

Although weekly workout series has turned out to be more of a monthly workout series, I’m still trying to keep it up. Over the weekend I did my Sore Butt Sweat Sesh workout. One of my favorite things ever is coming back to workouts I haven’t done in a while and getting my own butt kicked. This very literally happened on Saturday, as I was pretty sore all down my glutes and thighs for most of the day yesterday. Win.

So today’s weekly workout post is inspired by soreness in general and sore butts in particular. I’ve compiled a few of my “Sorest” glute/leg videos, which are the videos I’ve found make me the most sore after doing them. In reality, my hope is that all my workouts leave people feeling a bit sore, but I have a few that make the top of the list.

What are your favorites? Any that make you particularly sore? Others you’d like to see more of?

Happy Monday!


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