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Taming your Mane with Exercise

A frequent problem for most women (and some men!) is how to keep hair out of their faces while exercising (vigorously). This is something I’ve struggled with for far too long. Pony-tail holders simply wouldn’t cut it! My hair was constantly falling in my face.

It wasn’t until a few months ago that I decided to go out on a limb and purchase a headband from Lululemon. It was $12.00. I know, I know, that is a bit hefty for a simple headband, but it had a “no slide” elastic band underneath and simultaneously managed not to squeeze my head so tight I might have an aneurysm.

Remember this? Sore butt sweat sesh.

It turned out to be a great purchase. It looked good, felt good, and finally kept hair out of my face.

But, what to do when I wanted 5 more and didn’t have $60 to spend on expensive workout headbands?

Turn to CVS. I stumbled upon a variety pack of thick cotton headbands: 5 for $6.50 (and, actually, these are on sale via the link). Brilliant. I put them to the test.

Ok, I know I look unenthusiastic. But that’s because I just did an insanity workout, and NOT because of the headband.

I actually loved these too! They don’t have a slip-less feature, but somehow they manage to stay on my head pretty well. I had zero problems wearing them on a run or during one of my own workouts, but did have a slippage problem in yoga (after putting my head on the mat a bunch of times). I also wear these even when I’m not working out because they’re still cute and very practical.

I’ve tried thin strap headbands and find that they don’t work as well. My hair is pretty thick though, so this may be different if you have thinner hair.


Does anyone else have good hair taming suggestions? Brands they like?


7 thoughts on “Taming your Mane with Exercise

  1. Have you tried Active Bands, or Go Bands? They have some really cute ones, and DO stay in place on thick hair! Look for their pages on Facebook. Also, I love Bondi Bands but use those more for running (they soak up a LOT of sweat) and colder weather months as kind of an ear warmer too.

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