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The Pretzel Core Workout

Good morning everyone!

I’m sorry about missing my weekly workout post yesterday. It’s been a hectic week and a very busy weekend. To make up for it, I’m posting one of my favorite workouts: pretzel core.

Action Shot.

This is an awesome Core Fusion workout. It might look easy, but it really creeps up on you. It’s great for obliques, abs, and glutes- and I really mean all three. Pay careful attention to your alignment in order to do this correctly and try not to let your knee slide too far forward.

If you like Standing Abs, you’ll love this too. Enjoy!

P.S- I’m not really sure why there are always cats in my videos. They can’t stay away!


10 thoughts on “The Pretzel Core Workout

  1. Hi Tori, I love this and the standing abs video because it seems like most of the other work-out video’s I watch, don’t concentrate on this part of the body enough. I’m in pretty good shape except for that stubborn muffin top! I was wondering how often would you suggest doing this or the standing abs work-out, a week, for the best results?

    • It will definitely depend on the individual, but I like to do ab/muffin top stuff about 4-5 days a week. That being said, I also think the most important thing in terms of seeing results is that you get a lot of variation. I try to never repeat the same workout within the same week to keep my body guessing. You can use the “obliques” category on my right tab for some more ideas and you can also try out a few other good home workout blogs (like Blogilates and BodyRock). I’m also going to be posting more oblique stuff in the upcoming weeks. Let me know if you have other questions!

  2. I belong to myfitnesspal. What would you catagorize this as? I love your videos! Im new to your site and I do one each day 🙂 Cant get enough! Thanks!

    • Hi Nicole,
      I took a look and it’s hard to say. Maybe “Sit ups- vigorous?” I know this isn’t a sit up workout but it definitely engages your core. I didn’t really see anything else that seemed closer. Glad you like them!!

  3. I felt a lot of pulling in my hip on the side I was moving the leg. Could you get a side view image so we can see if the legs were in the proper position?


    • Hi Renee,
      I don’t have a picture handy, but you want to make sure your knee is either behind or in line with your hip. To modify any pinching or pressure, you can adjust your lean (either lean more or less with the opposite side/supporting hand). Let me know if that helps!

  4. Hi Tori!

    I really like your workouts that i have tried but I think i’m doing something wrong with this one. I’m hoping I feel something tomorrow ((I can always tell how well I worked out by how I sore my muscles are in the morning)) but all I felt during the work out was a slight pain in the opposite hip that I was working – so the side of the leg in front.

    I normally have hip problems when doing mountain climbers or spider plank – but I was a little surprised that they hurt a little here. Any suggestions or ideas of what I might be doing wrong? Or is it normal for someone with hip issues to feel a little pain when resting on their side?

    thanks – Stephanie

    • Hi Stephanie!
      You should (hopefully) feel some soreness tomorrow. A lot of workouts don’t seem so bad at the time, but then you really feel them later!

      In terms of hip problems, I don’t think it’s strange to feel pinching in your opposite hip if you already have predisposing hip problems. Did it help having your hand resting on the floor vs. when you had your hand lifted? I tell people to lean to the opposite side mostly for counterbalance, but it may help you to sit a little more centered (if you can) while doing these exercises. You also don’t want to lean over too far or it’ll take away some of the workout effectiveness. Also really squeeze your abdominals and see if that relieves some of the hip pressure.

      Hope that helps a little bit! Hip problems can definitely be tricky!


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