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Weekly Workout Series: Sore in 30 Minutes

Last week at some unthinkable hour of the morning, I got out of bed to do these three videos.

My favorite thing about cardio punch is that you use your upper body strength while also getting a cardiovascular benefit- it kills two birds with one stone 🙂 I’m also obsessed with abs challenge level 3. I think I should have made it level 4 because it’s so difficult. All you need is some type of long elastic tube or flat rubbery sheet- I think you can find cheaper versions of resistance bands if you find something that isn’t actually the nice tubing with handles (mine at home does not have handles).

As a side note, school is getting busier every day. I’m in a new program that uses problem based learning to seek out information students deem important. I am in a small group with 9 students, we’re given a “case study” and we pick our learning issues to 1) learn enough about the case to move forward  and eventually help our imaginary patient and 2) to learn for the sake of learning. While I am loving this program so far, it has felt like even more work relative to what I had during lectures the first 2 months. Despite only 6 hours of class per week, there are constantly pages and pages of books to read and outline.

Why is this all relevant, exactly? Because its really been difficult for me to exercise. And this is something that has never been difficult. Basically, I’m struggling with it. Sometimes when I wake up at 5am, I don’t even have time to exercise because there is so much work on my plate. Not to mention the importance of making time for my wonderful boyfriend, family, and friends (and sleep?).

There is one thing I do know; on days that I skip a workout, I have lower self esteem, feel less confident, and feel more exhausted. There is definitely a direct correlation between exercise and feeling positive for me. So I have to make it work! Furthermore, I think it’s a bit hypocritical when doctors tell their patients to exercise when they themselves do not.

We have busy lives. Things get in the way. But we can all make time for exercise, even if that means sacrificing 30 minutes of doing something else. The benefits will always outweigh the costs.

What do you think? Do you ever find it hard to fit in your workouts? How do you prioritize time to exercise?


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