Weekly Workout Series

Weekly Workout Series: Think Outside the Box Workout

I do my best to come up with weekly workouts that give you a little bit of everything. The hard part is coming up with good weekly workout names!

I’m calling this one the Think Outside the Box workout. Mostly because when I think about what some of these videos have in common- it’s unconventional “outside the box” stuff. Though this is always what I strive for, my standing abs workout has struck a particular chord with many of you….it has close to 110,000 views- that is both baffling and amazing to me!

So here’s what I propose: you can all give me workout name suggestions! If you give me a workout name, I can construct a workout around that name- what I’d envision it being. A few examples of names would be Total Body Tone or Glutes N’ Guts- something catchy. Feel free to share your ideas!


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