Arms (ByeBye Batwings)

Upper Body Tone

This week has been nothing short of crazy what with having three exams in two days. Every time I think it may get a little easier, I quickly realize….I’m wrong.

BUT, this hasn’t stopped me from working out! In fact, it’s actually helped me branch out to other things- particularly Yoga. Doing so much yoga has done wonders for my upper body strength; my shoulders and arms are really sore after every class. Fabulous.

I was going through some old videos and realized I’d never posted this one. It’s a great upper body workout that you can do at home with no equipment. To make this more challenging, you can come off your knees with your legs extended on the pushups or keep your legs straighter on the triceps dips. You can also do the video more than once.

As a side note, I received a great suggestion from a reader that I start posting workout routines lining up 2-3 of my videos in a row. Kind of like a “workout round up” to offer suggestions and variations for a longer workout. Just wanted to let you all know I’ll probably start doing this weekly. I’m always open to suggestions and love hearing your feedback!


You may not know this, but I actually hate pushups. In fact, I’m pretty sure after all this time I still do 😉 But with exercise, it can be even more rewarding to do the things you hate! (I say that now, anyway…)


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