Cardio (Sweatastic) / Videos (Workout with me)

Cardio Sweat

Sometimes when I exercise on my own, spontaneous ideas pop into my head. This was one of those days.

It’s handy to have my video camera available for times like these, when I can film my ideas and share. Additionally, it makes it so that I don’t forget them πŸ™‚

Cardio sweat is a good intersection between non-video interval workouts and my choreographed routines. I pretty much took basic high knees, squats, and other moves, and stuck them together to make this:

Unfortunately, in the middle of filming, my music cut off (silly ipod speakers….). The video is still fine and easy to follow, but I’ll warn you that there is an awkward moment when I show a modification and the music stops and then you’ll probably think, “whatttt?” But it is only 3 seconds of the whole video so hopefully we can move past the awk pain.

This workout can also be modified to low impact- just take out the jumping. I’ll warn you though that removing all the jumping may detract significantly from the difficulty of the exercises and how much you sweat. But, even with modifications, you will still get the benefit of moving (everything counts!).

P.S- Try to soak up this amazing end of summer/fall weather while you can! Before we know it, it’ll be freezing cold and snowing outside.


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