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The Long Slim Legs Workout

I used this routine a few times in my Sculpt classes, and always thought of it as a solid lower body workout. But, now that I’ve been exploring many other workout regimes and exercise trends, I’ve also shied away from the things that used to be mine. You know, distinct Tori moves. The kinds of things you could expect from any of my bootcamp/sculpt type classes. This is the very reason why I started this blog. knew that I’d eventually start losing my material. That I’d move towards new workout endeavors. And it makes me SO glad that I did this. Because- look!- ALL of my workouts are here, in one place 🙂

So, what was the point of my little nostalgic rant? The point is that I filmed this very workout the other day, and was sore the next day. Like, really really sore in my inner thighs. The kind of sore where if you run, your muscles bounce a bit and you have that uncomfortable muscle-y soreness that accompanies hard work. From only 10 minutes! Maybe it sounds weird, but I’d gotten to a point where I never really got sore from my own workouts- particularly not the 10 minute ones. But since I haven’t done them in a while, I’m now starting to experience the glorious effects they have. My legs even felt longer and slimmer 30 minutes after finishing this. I’m not kidding…

Anyho, the beauty of this is that fact that it’s 10 minutes. Just 10 minutes. Such minimal effort to leave your legs sorer, longer, and slimmer. So, go shed off that stubborn inner thigh fat!


8 thoughts on “The Long Slim Legs Workout

  1. I have the Biggest legs!!
    & Love these simple quick workouts, ive been doing the ballet, slim legs, & standing abs for just 3 days and i already see huge results, thank you soo much!!

  2. just started doing your workouts and I can honestly say I worked up a sweat, I so enjoyed it. I did this and the standing abs together…great workout!!!! thanks

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