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It’s Whatssup Hardcore Playlist

It’s finally here! My first day of medical school! Those of you who know me also know how much of a struggle its been to get here. After several MCATs and two application cycles, my determination and drive to do this stuck with me. I’m finally embarking on my lifelong dream.

My first day of school! (Ok, so I didn’t have to wear the stethoscope, but I had to make myself look like a doctor at least a bit!)

So, this is cause for celebration and merriment! I put together this playlist of awesome songs that will totally get you riled up- whether it’s during a workout or blasting it loudly in your car while hand drumming on the wheel (what?? I don’t do that…).

The playlist is in Grooveshark. I should warn you that I had a lot of trouble finding the correct versions of these songs, so some of them are long and have a lag in the beat for a while. You can always skip ahead in the song itself if you come across this.

It’s Whatssup Hardcore Playlist


3 thoughts on “It’s Whatssup Hardcore Playlist

  1. So excited for you!!! Hope it was a wonderful day! You are going to be a great doctor! And all your friends will come to you for workouts in the library 😉

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