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Packing and Moving- it’s a workout

There is a slight chance you might consider this a cop-out post.


I figured, at the very least, it would be interesting. Plus, it might make you think twice about whether to help your friend or family member next time he/she has to move somewhere.

My boyfriend and I were somewhat lucky, in a sense. We packed up and moved out in May and had two and a half months before moving into a new space and unpacking. This made things much more tolerable.

I’ll be the first to say that I HATE moving. When I get stressed out, my lower back starts to ring with pain only made worse by the fact that I’m lifting heavy objects. (Lower back problems/remedies will eventually get its own post). Furthermore, you have to figure out where to put things, what space you have, what to keep, what to throw away….the list goes on.

But, what makes it better? Reading about how much work your body is actually doing. And then feeling sore the next day as if you’d just done a really tough class. Here are some stats:

43 Million Americans relocate between May and September. This makes a lot of sense in context of having a really hard time finding an apartment in the area we wanted.

A 140 pound person burns, on average:

  • 222 calories packing and unpacking boxes;
  • 381 calories moving furniture;
  • 191 calories moving household items; and
  • 572 calories moving boxes/furniture up stairs.

These are coming from a moving website, so I’m not totally sure what the time period for this activity was.

Those are some serious calories though. Plus, you frequently use most muscles in your body to lift heavy things (=SORE the next day).

So if you know anyone who needs help moving and you also have the time and will to burn calories, help out!

Our new apartment with the view.


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