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Insanity…it really is insane

Yesterday, I came across this link- the gist of which is pictured below.

I thought, “Great! I can finally test out what all this insanity business is about.” Once again, I was armed with and excited about a new workout. The link shows six movements. You’re supposed to do each for 1 minute with no breaks and then take a 1 minute break. Repeat three times. Admittedly, I changed this strategy, and alternated 50 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest and no breaks between sets. I just wasn’t up for 6 straight minutes of squat type jumping.

Now, I think I’m in pretty good shape. I exercise a lot and challenge myself. I’ve really been enjoying my interval workouts. But this…..this insanity “sneak peak” was the most miserable time I’ve had exercising since I tried spinning four years ago. I wish I was kidding.

This is how I felt after finishing this *cough, cough* 20 minute insanity workout.

People swear by spinning. In fact, my dad is a spinning instructor. People also swear by Insanity. The results are truly remarkable.

Here’s the thing: I workout because I really enjoy it. I love being challenged, but only to a certain point. I especially hate when the physical challenge involved means repeating similar movements over and over. My biggest problem with spinning was not so much that it was SO HARD, but that it was also incredibly boring. You can vary speed, resistance, whether you stand or sit, and where your hand position is- that’s it. Similarly, with this particular insanity series the first 4 movements involve squatting and jumping. There just wasn’t enough variation in it- so not only was it really difficult, but I also hated every second. The only positive was that I know I fit a really tough workout into my morning (quad burning sweaty hot mess).

I think I’m going to try an interval workout that breaks up these insanity moves with some additional strength exercises. It’ll make the workout longer, but will also be more interesting and still provide a challenge (I did fit in some ab and strength work after this one anyway). I’ll let you know how that goes.

In the meantime- try this out and see what you think. For anyone who is doing or has already done insanity for more than one day….PROPS to you. Seriously. This is really, really tough! No messing around.


5 thoughts on “Insanity…it really is insane

  1. I’m on week four of the Insanity DVDs and it’s not as bad as that 20 minute thing you posted is. Most of the time you do things in 30 second intervals-you do 6 exercises for 30 seconds for a total of 3 minutes nonstop workout and then a 30 second break. You do the same 6 exercises three times, and then another set-same thing. Before the workout out you do a pretty insane warmup, then about 5 minutes of stretching. At the end you do about 3-4 minute cool down. I find exercising boring but I’m not bored by insanity at all. That being said, I’ve heard the second month is much harder and I’m not there yet.

    • That’s awesome! I subsequently did a few workouts with my fiancé when he did insanity and also noticed it wasn’t as bad- still sweat like crazy though!! It’s a lot of very intense moves in a short timeframe. Kudos to you for getting through all of that!!

  2. I am right there with you! I get bored with things like spinning, too! That’s why I’m always doing something different. Exercise is exercise in my mind. I don’t have aspirations to be a body builder or anything so as long as I’m active and truly challenging myself, it counts.

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