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Gliding Planks (Cardio Abs)

Today’s workout was a BIG hit back when I introduced it to my classes in Shrewsbury (shout out to anyone from Powerhouse still reading my blog! Miss you guys!).

When I discovered it, I definitely also thought it was genius. Using the gliders introduces a new/unfamiliar challenge that I’d never quite encountered before; it provides a sort of movement flexibility that most other workouts don’t have. If anything, the gliders help force you to use more of your abdominal muscles to stay balanced and keep the movement going. More = better, in my opinion.

All you need for gliding planks is a hardwood floor or smooth surface and either 2 paper plates (which I use) or 2 small washcloths. I’m sorry about the lighting in this video- it was the only place in the house I stayed at in Washington that wasn’t covered in carpet! But you can still see and hear me pretty clearly, so hopefully it all works out. The music I picked is from a female techno-classical string quartet called Bond. Cool, isn’t it? I have a not-so-secret love for the classical genre- fueled, in part, by the fact that I played the cello for about 7 years as a youngster.

The video takes you though the exercises by level of difficulty. If there is something you feel you can’t do, then go back to an earlier version of the exercise that worked for you. Let me know what you think of this! I’d like to try and come up with some more workouts of this nature, but need some new ideas.


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