Legs (screw cellulite)

Crazy Quad Blast

These last few days have been nothing short of hectic. Finding an apartment in the New York tristate area is more frustrating than I ever imagined. It makes it difficult to make any other plans throughout the week because the time really needs to be reserved to jump on new opportunities as they come up. It’s also been tough to find the energy to exercise. I feel like I’ve been somewhat lazy and every-other-day-esque. But at least I spend most of my days walking and walking and walking. SO it’s only appropriate that I post a leg workout.

And let me tell you…It burnssssss!!

View of Manhattan from Astoria park- about a mile from where I’ll be living

Seriously though- if you need a tough and fast quad/glute workout, this one is perfect.

By holding the position pictured above, you’re engaging both your quads and glutes. As you do this video, try to squeeze your glutes tightly when you come out of your lean for extra burn.

These are great quad exercises. When I typically teach these in Core Fusion, I always take a few minutes to stretch after. You can refer to Quad and Hamstring stretches for a good set. There is no music in this one, so feel free to play your own while watching the video.

PS- I am newly obsessed with the sweater I’m wearing in this video. It was $14.99 at TJMaxx!!


4 thoughts on “Crazy Quad Blast

    • As much as you’re comfortable with! As long as you’re still getting overall variation in your workouts throughout the week, it should still feel challenging and there isn’t a limit to what you can and should do.

  1. Thank you. I have bad knees and can’t do jumps or lunges and my thighs are starting to show it. I was able to put a little extra padding under my knees and do these exercises!!

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