Full Body (fat blast)

The 99 Workout Remix

On Wednesday I came across the 99 workout on Ashley’s blog, Sore legs and Scrambled eggs.

It was perfect: I had time, I had energy, and I had a need to try something new.

But, the original 99 workout was a bit too repetitive for my taste. Even Ashley said that she switched up some of the exercises while she was doing it. It keeps things interesting and challenges additional muscles in the body. Also, I have trouble doing leg lifts because they hurt the inside of my hips (ouch) and it’s difficult for me to do too many at a time.

So I came up with my own version of the 99 workout, which I call “the 99 workout remix.” Catchy, no?

I have to admit, the next day my abs were really sore. I don’t think I typically do quite that much ab work in a day. While this workout gets your whole body, it definitely focuses on abs.

Feel free to add in challenges to make things harder. Use a small rubber ball and/or resistance band, etc. It took me about an hour and a half all in-outside in the sun- and went for a bit of a longer run. Push yourself as much as you can!

The 99 Workout Remix

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6 thoughts on “The 99 Workout Remix

    • I did- but it was also over the summer when I had a ton of time on my hands and was really used to working out. It’s definitely a LOT, and by the end I needed a nap. You can always start at a lower number- say 55 or 44- and you’d still get a great workout in!

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